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We are an experienced agency that specializes in working with local businesses in Boston and the surrounding areas providing SEO Services.

Digital Marketing is more than just having a website. As more online media becomes available, it is getting more complicated for businesses to know what they should do first. Where should they spend their time and online marketing dollars to generate more interest in the products and services they offer.

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Search engine optimization is the key to having your website found online when people are searching for the products or services that your business offers. There are a multitude of strategies involved for different industries to accomplish this. To simplify how SEO works, there are basically two things to keep in mind.

  • Offsite Optimization
  • Onsite Optimization.

Offsite optimization consists of increasing the credibility and authority of your website. Almost in the same way that your credit score works. By increasing the the Quality score of your website in the eyes of Google and other Search Engines, there is a higher likelihood that your website will be selected among your competitors when someone searches for related terms online.

Your onsite optimization is telling the search engines about your business. Making the site optimized in such a way that it is easy for the search engines to categorize who you are and what information you have to provide. Google, Bing! and others want to know about your site so they can provide the most relevant results for their users (aka, your consumers). We follow the recommendations made by Google for indexing and thereby have better optimized web pages that are more likely to show up in the search results.

To say the descriptions we have provided above are an oversimplification is certainly an understatement. There are thousands of details that go into optimizing a website. Depending on your industry and the geographical markets you are looking to compete in, this can vary your online strategy greatly. Questions need to be asked:

  • Do you have a local retail space?
  • Do you provide services to multiple cities?
  • Do you offer online purchases nationwide?

Each one of these questions can vary your internet marketing strategy a great deal. If you are looking to talk to a professional regarding your particular strategy and discuss your challenges, give us a call.