Do links in Duplicate Content Pass PageRank and Link Juice

Duplicate content occurs when the same content is available to reach with different URL addresses. For example assume that:


show the same content due to misuse of CMS system used for website management. In this case instead of 301 redirecting one of the URL’s to another, those two pages show exactly the same content thus they create a duplicate content issue.

If search engines discover that problem they will put this website on penalty and the website will not rank well in search engines. But do links in those duplicated pages still pass PageRank and link juice?

Pages that are recognized to be duplicated are processed to determine which page is “official” and which one is “duplicated” in order to keep only one page in search engine indexes instead of two. Of course the information of the duplicated pages is kept until the issue is resolved and the website may return to “normal” results rankings.

But until then, a websites resides in a special filter that disables it from gaining high positions in search engines. Nevertheless, regardless to the fact whether a page is visible in search engine results or not it still exists on server, has assigned PageRank value and has some outbound links on it. Does it mean it still can have any linking value?

I believe that since that page has been recognized to be a duplicated content and resides in a filter, thus it has no linking value and its PageRank is “frozen” meaning that it can not receive any PageRank value or send out any. This situation keeps the same until the duplicated issue is resolved and a website regains “full rights” in SERP’s. I also believe that this website will be monitored for some period of time and if another duplicated content issue rises such website may have bigger problems in regaining high positions (or any positions it had before the problem occurred) than before.

If a website does not resolve the duplicate content the duplicated pages remain out of main search engine indexes, that page has no link juice value and may not pass or receive PageRank. So what about the other page? The one that has been recognized as the “original” content page by search engine algorithms?

I believe that this website may pass PageRank, but in a limited way. Since there is no 100% accuracy whether this website IS the “original” one or is a duplicated one, search engines have to assign special filter to that page to limit its usage of link juice and PageRank it pases to other web pages. Maybe it is even deprived all rights to pass PageRank, but can still receive it. In that case when the duplicate content issue is resolved all received PageRank value is assigned to the remained one “original” page and its rights to pass PageRank is resumed.

As you can see, there are many “if’s” in that post. If you have any other ideas, proofs or your own thoughts about this topic feel free to comment on it.