How to Find Niche Directories to Submit to

For obvious reason you should submit your site to market-specific directory for maximum exposure. People interested in your products and services may be searching in your niche directories and find your website that way.

There are niche directories almost for every market, but finding them might be somehow challenging. There are several ways of finding niche directories:

  1. Search for niche directories with search engines.
    Go to Google, Yahoo!, MSN or any other search engine and type the most general keywords related to your industry or type of business. Top directories in you niche should come up high in search engines. Maybe not on the first page of results, so make sure to research more than the first page of results.
    Search also for “Add link” + keyword,  “Add listing” + keyword to find web directories dedicated to your niche.
  2. Research directories for other directories.
    Visit DMOZ directory and go to directories category – Here you will find many links to different directories and going through the different links you may discover many niche directories and places you may add your website to. To make the process easier in some way you may also visit Google directory ( which is DMOZ directory organized by Google with option to view listings in alphabetical order and in PageRank value order. The other feature may be helpful when you want to submit your site to top directories and gain possibly the highest PageRank that way.
  3. Reverse link analysis.
    Check your competition inbound links to determine the directories they use in order to promote their website. Go to Google and type or Yahoo! site explorer and type website domain name. In Yahoo! Site Explorer click on Inlinks tab to see inbound links to website.
    Go through competitors inbound links and discover which directories did they use. That way you can find many interesting niche web directories you can submit your site to.

Finding the right niche directories is a very important process. Web directories may not only pass your website (still) valuable PageRank, but also will help your visitors find your website. And that should be the purpose of submitting to web directories: your visitors. Submitting your site to 1 000+ wrongfully chosen and non-relevant web directories may bring PageRank to your website, but submitting to relevant, niche web directories may bring you new clients. Focus on that.