How to Delete Website from Google Search Results

If you want to delete your website from Google indexes you have couple of options to chose from:

Option #1: Robots.txt

Create a Robots.txt file with the following code
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

and place it in your root folder on your server. The Robots.txt file will disable all spiders, including Google, from crawling your site and they will not index it at all.

If your website is already in indexes of Google search engine it will take anything between an hour to couple of weeks for changes to appear depending on your luck. Google spider, a Googlebot has to visit your website, read Robots.txt commands and put your website to the queue of websites to delete. As you may understand, it may take a while.

Option #2: Google webmasters tools.

  1. Open an account with Google webmaster tools at
  2. Login to your account.
  3. If you just created a new account add your website address to your webmaster tools and click “Add site”.
  4. When you already have a website added click on it, go to Tools/Remove URLs and click on “New removal request”.
  5. Follow the steps on next screens. At this point you may choose if you want to delete individual URL’s, full directory or subdirectories, entire site or cached copy of Google search results. Depending on option chosen you will have to give certain details to delete desired content.
  6. When finished click “Submit removal request”. Check after some time to see the results. Generally it should be faster than with use of Robots.txt file

Option #3: Delete your website/web page from your server.

If Google visits your website but cant find a page it will delete it from its indexes. The same if you delete your website from your server, the next time Google visits your site it will not see anything and it will delete it from its indexes.

Why would Google keep in its indexes sites that don’t exist anymore? If it did, their databases would have to be much bigger than they are now, and as you may imagine they are already gigantic. you will also have to wait some time for changes to take affect as Google spider need to visit your site first to delete it.

The combination of Google webmaster tools and Robots.txt file works the best and in my opinion the fastest. After all Google webmaster tools are made to help webmasters to deal also with that kind of things.