5 Pros and 5 Cons of Google Universal Search for SEO Purposes

Now you know What is universal Search and what it means for Search Engine optimization. Now its time to point 5 pros and 5 cons of universal search.

5 pros of Universal search:

  • More localized results means more targeted traffic – its far better to have just 1,000 visitors that are interested in your traffic than 10,000 visitors that are not your target audience.
  • Conversion rates will grow up…or at least should. As more localized results mean more targeted traffic, more users will convert into your customers. Less traffic, but much more convertible.
  • Small businesses will be able to compete with big companies on local level which will benefit small businesses willing to be also visible in search engines.
  • More relevant results. As you will be served with results based on your city or even neighborhood level, you will obviously get more relevant results. A search for “restaurants in my area” will present you the best restaurants in your area based on reviews, distance, price and much more.
  • Less number of relevant inbound links needed to be in top 10. Results will be based on, for instance distance, meaning that you do not need tons of inbound links from relevant websites with high reputation. Small number of inbound links can also make you be on top of listings (for some of the users of course).

5 cons of universal search:

  • Stronger competition in vertical search engines may push away some of the websites that have been doing well before universal search era.
  • Services aimed at local areas are needed in order to be placed in blended results of universal search. If a company is not local based, it may be hard for such company to rank well for targeted area.
  • Search results translation will make it harder even for language specific websites to rank well in some cases as other websites automatically translated may get listed higher than national website.
  • More quality content will be rewarded with higher rankings. For website owners not knowing much about SEO it may get harder to get into top rankings even though they may have interesting points of view.
  • Not being listed in vertical search engines will result in lower number of users coming to a website. Being listed in vertical search engines will be a must-do.

What other pros and cons do you see in universal search revolution?