What is Your Website Worth?

You have a website and you spend all your time on developing it. Have you ever wandered how much is your website worth in terms of money and general evaluation? Here are some online tools that may give you some idea about your websites worth:

  1. Quantcast – enter a domain name and get a website evaluation,
  2. Compete – valuable data with visual graphs to help understand the data, you can also compare websites with each other on one single page,
  3. BuiltWith – tells you what is your website made of and what is missing (grade from 0 to 5),
  4. Website Grader – based on website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors measures the marketing effectiveness of your website and gives you some tips on how to improve your website to make it more valuable,
  5. Trifecta Tool – SEOmoz free tool to check website strength (worth),
  6. Alexa – check your website stats (0 is the most valuable website, the more points you get the worse),
  7. dnScoop – based on various factors determines how much is your domain name worth in $,
  8. WebsiteValued – determines how much is your website worth in $; also gives you upper and lower estimates about your websites worth,
  9. Scootle – estimates your website worth in $,
  10. Website Value Calculator – estimates your domain name based on various factors and gives you a brief idea on how much is your website worth in $,
  11. glurk – enter necessary data and check your websites worth,
  12. Business-Opportunities – powered by Technorati tool to estimate a blog’s worth in $,
  13. CyberWyre – estimated website value in $.
  14. Feed Analysis 1.1 – blog analysis based on feedburner data delivered with nice graphs and estimates about next months.
  15. WebsiteOutlook – enter website address and see detailed information about the site including its estimated worth in $US
  16. Web Worth – website analysis tool including detailed information about a website including its estimated value.
  17. Cubestat – similar to other websites showing detailed information about a website including its estimated value in USD $.

If you read it until here and checked some of the tools you must be really interested in evaluating your websites worth. So how much do you think your website is worth? $10, $1 000, $10 000, more?

All the above tools give just *estimates*. They do not tell exactly how much you should sell your website for. They don’t tell how important your website is, how valuable it is. They don’t say how important the information on your blog are.

It might be a recipie to cure cancer with no inbound links and those tools would show that the site is worth $0,01 while the real value is unquestionably higher.

The truth is that your website is worth not more not less than the money someone is willing to pay for it.

That said you can not expect to get $10 000 for your website just because some online tool tells you that your website is worth that much.

Be realistic, develop valuable content, gain inbound links, more quality traffic, be patient and consistent and if you wait some time your website will become very valuable in terms of money and content.

And don’t pay too much attention to online website worth estimation tools.

Good luck!