Content Marketing Strategy for Furniture Brands

Content Marketing is a term used quite often but very few marketing agencies can describe it well. Content, first and foremost, is the text, images and other related media on your website. Secondarily, content is similar text and media that is pushed out in a myriad of different ways online via social media, guest blogs, forums, press releases and a number of other web related strategies.

In working with our clients, our first step is to develop a strategy for creating this body of work.

Content Marketing is a strategy utilizing not just written words on a web page. It can can consist of video, info-graphics and images.

The idea behind this strategy is to produce information from the furniture industry, telling a story about your brand or providing content about a topic tangentially related to your brand. In doing so, you create a new version of information that is uniquely yours.

Speaking in Your Brand Voice to Speak to Your Audience

Much of the information on the internet, unless it is so new that it hasn’t been written about before, is quite often very similar. What differentiates it is the person or organization providing it. We can definitely find similar content on multiple sites, but some “speak” to us.

We generally find resources online that provide topics of interest that we tend to rely on.

  • We like their take on a matters
  • They describe things in a way that makes it easy for us to understand
  • Their information is always reliable
  • They have a top blogger who is funny
  • The articles they write are no nonsense

For any number of reasons we have preferences for specific communication styles.

Is Blogging About the Furniture industry Helpful for SEO

Again we are confronted with a term that is overused and has many interpretations. Some businesses utilize their own website to Blog while others work to get their content published by other online publications. Some people even use the comments sections on forums as a space to “blog” and get their message out.

For an SEO strategy, the first recommendation is to get blog articles onto your own furniture website to increase the amount of content on your website. Since the end results we are looking for is to increase traffic to your website, this gives Google a reason to send people there.

As a secondary recommendation, getting blogs published on other websites is effective as well. It provides you with exposure to an audience you may not have communicated with before and can also be helpful for SEO since there is the possibility of receiving backlinks.

Blogging on forums and other similar spaces can be helpful if you are posting on a platform where your target audience frequents. This can be an effective way to have your message broadcast in front of prospective buyers.

Blogging on Your Website

Let’s dispell a myth here. Google doesn’t really see a difference between a blog article or a regular page on your website. Blogs on your site are just a different page just formatted slightly different.

One of these useful differences is that your content management system will organize the blogs for you so that they will automatically show up in designated lists such as most recently published or separate them into categories easily.

Little details like the published date or the¬†author attribution¬†attribution may show in the search results. Again, these are traits based upon the development of the website, but Google doesn’t really care one way or another.

Pages on your website are intended to describe and define perennial information such as who you are, what services you offer, defining your industry, etc.

Blogs are intended to provide a virtual stream of consciousness relating to hot topics of the moment, news, tertiarily related topics, opinion pieces, etc.

Since you don’t want to add every new piece of content on your website to your main menu, this gives you the ability to continually add and oranize new information without disrupting the organization of your sitemap pages.