In every industry professionals jump onto buzzwords that seem on the surface to be a new way of producing results when in fact they are basically recycled and re-packaged. Content marketing isn’t something new in the realm of internet marketing. Actually, it has been around before digital marketing.

Content Marketing is simply creating a great piece of content; whether written, in image format or video. The next step is to get that content as much exposure as possible through:

  • getting it to rank in search engines
  • providing it to influencers in your indutry to share with their following
  • develop a socal media campaign to get as much exposure as possible
  • run online ads to promote

The reason so much attention has been paid to this “new” strategy is for so long online marketers were really not addressing the first step of creating fresh, well researched information. For years, businesses have been copying, recycling and sharing each others work and this provided low quality and outdated information that was being shared over and over.

This made for poor user experiences as no one was interested in this information. It had been put through so many transfigurations and resulted in click bait, link bait and any number of other useless messages.

When creating a quality article for instance, find out what your audience wants to know about within your industry. Then do research and provide a healthy amount of information that will engage those who really want to learn about the topic. If you haven’t written the definitive piece on your topic, break down the topic and put it into a form that is digestible and easy to understand for your audience.

Once it is created, get it published or post it on your site. Hopefully you have already established relationships with other well respected resources in your industry that are interested in referencing your piece of work. Post on your social media outlets and get the information in front of industry groups and experts in your community.

Develop a paid advertising campaign to drive traffic to this content. By doing all of this your creation becomes a well known resource that will continue to be referred to over time and your overall digital marketing campaign will benefit from your company being seen as an expert in the industry and all of the online attention will improve your search engine optimization.

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