Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is often seen as a combination of many specialties and is often referred to as digital or online marketing. It basically is traditional marketing and advertising that is applied using the internet. Much of the strategy and creativity for traditional campaigns are translated to this new media.

Email marketing has been changed over from Direct Mail, although the same rules still apply. You need a good list, a well planned design and a great offer.

Display Advertising has taken the place of newspaper and magazine advertising. Being able to create ads and target them to websites (publications) where you know your target audience is researching, is a strong way to create brand awareness.

AdWords Pay Per Click advertising has aggressively replaced the phone book ads.People who search on Google, Bing and the other search engines often pick up on offers and high placement when they are looking for a store, product or service.

Even your website has become a substitution for the pre-printed flyers and catalogs that many companies in the past churned out in bulk.

Examples are everywhere; television and the commercials are being replaced by YouTube. Podcasts are replacing radio. SEO is replacing books, magazines, libraries, etc.

The best part about all of this new technology is that it is accessible to everyone. Gone are the days where only the big companies could get their message out nationwide. Small businesses have the ability to have the same reach when done creatively and targeted properly.

It’s not that traditional marketing no longer exists, it’s that it is being transformed into a medium that offers so many more advantages in being able to:

  • target micro markets
  • track every interaction
  • allow a small business to compete against a large corporation

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