There are many speculations in SEO industry whether domain age plays an important role in Google’s ranking algorithm. Some say it’s very important for Google while others say it plays very little to no role for Google to have an old domain.

At this point please distinguish the difference between the domain age and website age, which are different things. Websites age is the age of documents on your server. You may have changed your html files many time over the years or even change the whole websites theme. The domain age is the registration date. That’s the real age of your domain and that’s what this article is about.

Google logic is as follows:

  • legitimate, well established websites have usually old domain names (you can’t become authority website in 1 day),
  • an old domain name should indicate a valuable website,
  • many newly registered domains are used by spammers which are abandoned quickly.

We know that Google looks into the registration date and renewal dates of each website. They simply try to determine which websites are legitimate and which are not as fast as possible.

It is advised to pay for your domain couple of years ahead. First of all to stop worrying about renewal dates which you might forget or simply be too busy to remember. That way you also show Google that you have serious plans about your domain, that your business is legitimate and that you want to develop it in time.

What you should remember about domain age is:

  • no one knows exactly how important and valuable old domains are for Google,
  • it is good to have old domain paid in advance for some years,
  • domain content (website age, inbound links, text on site, website optimization etc.) is more important than domain age,
  • old domains usually have some link history and thus carry more weight than newly registered domains.

Domain age is less important than its content because:

  • domain can be registered but not used for a very long time (the age of domain would indicate its well established while it was never used and no one knows about it),
  • domains may be sold and its profile changes, but the history remains (if you buy an old domain be cautious, it may have been in hands of spammers and may be banned from Google, have bad online reputation, have bad linking background) and that’s why the content is more important than domain age,
  • old domains may be purchased only to redirect to other websites (in that case they do not have any valuable content themselves, they only point to some other domain content),
  • some very new domains with highly valuable content (some social websites with lots of buzz over them) can become authority websites in a very short period of time, even if the domain name just have been registered,
  • the content is king, not the domain age.


When creating an online marketing strategy for a law practice, as an example, think about developing a highly interesting content instead of choosing to buy old domains for your new website. Old domain can help, it will not hurt certainly, but at the same time it’s not the most important thing to think of. If you focus on developing great content, the time will fly fast and your website will become naturally authority website with old domain. And that what its all about. Developing good websites takes time, and that’s the real indicator of websites worth.