This years Spring Furniture Market in High Point, NC is on April 6-10, 2019.

Previous Markets

October 13-17, 2018.

If you have never had the opportunity to go to Furniture Market, (or in the industry, it is just known as “market”), I would highly recommend going if given the chance. I have been to both Vegas and High Point, NC and I can tell you that both are quite an overwhelming experience.

High Point MarketWhat they are is basically multistory buildings in each city that for the most part are vacated for all but a few weeks surrounding the dates that Market is open. And this time period is generally less than a week each time, twice a year. The way that it works is that these buildings are filled with showrooms for manufactures in the industry to show off the latest

designs and to write up orders from buyers for retailers across the country.

Now it sounds simple enough to have buyers arrive and go through showrooms to choose what they would like to sell in their stores. The thing is we are talking about two buildings that are in excess of 12 floors each packed with these showrooms. To seriously and methodically take the time to go through all that is available, it would take more time than the shows are even open. This is not even taking into account the High Point show where many manufacturers even have their own buildings sprawling through the furniture capital of the United States.

Generally you’ll find a predominance of people from the Midwest to the Pacific go to the two shows a year in Vegas and from the Midwest to the Atlantic going to North Carolina. Most major retailers try to make it to all shows.

The Wold's Home for Home Furnishings

The reason I find the show to be so interesting is the amazing variety and seeing the new designs that are being offered to the marketplace. And let’s not forget that the show in Nevada is in Las Vegas. Believe me, they put on a show almost every night worthy of the town. It’s fun and everyone seems to have destination. This fall, the show is in High Point on October 18th to the 23rd.

With all of that being said, this show is not meant for the public at large and getting a ticket usually requires being related to the industry in some way. But then again, that’s what friends are for.

Michael Amini at Furniture Market 2013

Upon visiting Las Vegas Furniture Market in 2013, I was overwhelmed by the showroom that was on the top floor. The Michael Amini showroom showcased it’s entire collection under on roof. The time it would have taken just to fully take in the uniqueness of each collection would have been longer than I had allowed.

This just speaks generally to the selection that this brand has to offer. Each collection is distinctive and has it’s own unique presence. Upon entering you are met with a lobby that is truly spectacular. In the photo displayed here was truly magnificent arrangement of statuary that like appetizers before a meal, heightened the senses and provided an ambiance that made this visit more than just an experience. If you have the wherewithal, I highly recommend this truly unique designer.