With all of the options available to the furniture industry, it can be difficult to determine where resources, time and budget should be allocated for digital marketing. The good news for those businesses that have not fully embraced the online world for their furniture business is that it is not too late to be a part of it.

SEO for Ecommerce Furniture Websites

Since furniture can be a large investment for some families it only makes sense that people will do research before, after and often times during their visit to your store, your website or even a competitor’s. Price comparison, ratings, alternative brands and interior design ideas are just some of the things people will search for before making a purchase.

Search engine results can be a competitive arena and it helps to work with an experienced agency that has had extensive experience with Google and what it takes to get a website to rank for terms relating to the your industry and what people are searching for.

Paid Ads for Furniture Stores

AdWords and other pay per click advertising work using the same principles that traditional advertising utilize. The one big difference is in how you are charged for the campaigns. Direct mail, television advertising and even newspaper ads provide a flat cost for the ad that you run. This is an easy way to budget but also difficult to track the actual results.

Paid ads online offer the ability to be very targeted while at the same time manage your budget on a daily basis. While the advantages are desirable, the cost can be very high if not managed regularly or set up by someone who is experienced with managing online campaigns.

Local SEO for Furniture Stores

Since getting people to walk through your doors is the primary objective of marketing for store locations, it seems obvious to state that your website should be optimized for localized searches. Many furniture stores either do not have experienced personnel to make this a focus of your website or even realize that this is a critical part of your website’s seo strategy.

Social Media for the Furniture Industry

Furniture and social media go together very well. Furniture is similar to fashion and your social media should be window shopping for consumers and industry insiders. Interior designers want to know about trends, home owners want to see variety, decorators want ideas and so on.

A large portion of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook is dedicated to driving ecommerce sales. If you are not paying attention to your social media, now is a good time to start.

Web Design for Furniture

Your website is an introduction to your showroom and is often the first impression people will have of your store or online brand. Furniture is a visually strong industry and your website should be a showcase for all that you offer. Well written content should be available for people that want to learn more about products and brands while at the same time everything should be optimized for search engines.

Internet Marketing for Furniture Industry

We are an experienced technical SEO agency that specializes in troubleshooting issues with backlinks, on-site optimization, content and any number of issues relating to search engine optimization.

Whether you have noticed a drop in traffic to your site, your website no longer ranks for important keywords or has disappeared from the search results altogether, we can help.

Search engine optimization in the furniture industry is a highly competitive area. South Shore SEO has been helping businesses be found online for the search terms that relate most to their business. We take time to analyze:

  • The content on your website – We analyze the text on your website to be sure it is representative of the terms you want to be found for in the search engines.
  • How well you are ranking for terms – We do live searches to see how well you rank in Google.
  • For what terms you are showing up – This gives us a clearer picture of where we need to focus.
  • Your online footprint – Online tools give us a map of how to improve your authority online.
  • Your Competition – We also check out your competitors to determine the level of difficulty in trying to rank for those terms.

While researching your competitors, we determine their online strengths and put a plan into action to improve upon your strategy.

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