With the success of Amazon and the ease of which small businesses are able to promote their products online, many businesses are turning to the idea of building their own ecommerce stores as a way to sell their furniture.

When a consumer is ready to make a purchase, they are now ued to the idea of being able to buy it in person or online.

With so many websites competing online today it is no wonder that s many business owners are intimidated at the idea of being able to successfully rank for any meaningful terms or keywords relating to their furniture products and because of this, small furniture stores provide the option for customers to buy online but do little to try and get their online stores to rank with search engines.

The investment of creating an online store is wasted if it is not increasing the sales of your company. If your existing clients are choosing to buy on your website instead of your store, then you can’t label this a successful strategy.

Providing convenience for customers is a worthy goal, but if you are attributing this to increasing revenue for your business, then this is a false assumption. This is not marketing.

Successful Furniture Ecommerce Search Engine Strategy

For too many years, furniture store owners have provided reasons why they do not feel they can compete online:

  • My competitors are too big
  • I have so many inventory items
  • My products are too niche

The truth is the opportunities are enormous for a small business to compete online. with the right strategy, you would be amazed at some of the smallest companies, even one person operations, that are succeeding online. Google is one of the biggest equal opportunies out there. There is a market for your home goods products and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Start With The Basics of SEO

Search engines do not view ecommerce pages any differently than other web pages. They are looking for relevant content. Provide this to them and organize it according to best practices and you are halfway there.

Let’s start with one piece of furniture. Look over the page and consider it from the point of a search engine algorithm. Is there enough written content that adequately describes the product? Is that content unique? In other words, was it copied and pasted from a competitor website or the brand manufacturer? Search engines prefer unique content.

Look at the URL. Is it a bunch of gibberish or does it help to reinforce the product search term? Is your site developed in a way that allows you to rewrite the Title Tag so it is different than the header of the page. The Title Tag is often times what Google will pull into its search results and is a key piece of information.

On that note, is your labeling of the page a simple SKU or perhaps a short name of a product (similar to what everyone else uses on their pages)?

Now consider it from the viewpoint of a consumer. You can’t make assumptions that everyone in the world knows what this product is or what it does. In giving them the short sales pitch, you are also catering to the search engines.

Don’t just give them the technical specs, offer them reasons why this product is great. Provide photos, embed videos, add testimonials, link to related brand pages within your site or other related furniture pages or add-ons, attach a PDF from the manufacturer, etc.

At the same time you are adding all of this, it gives you the opportunity to do technical seo on these elements. Label images with descriptive names (Untitled.jpg is not a descriptive name). Be sure to add Alt Text to these images as well. Go to other pages on the site and put links into relevant text that link back to this page.

If your product is an ottoman , find another page on the site that utilizes the word ottoman and link back to this page. This is one of the details on how to optimize a website.

In doing all of this, you will find that Google will see this one product page differently than so many others on your competitors websites. Now this doesn’t guarantee placement on page one of Google, but this is how it starts. One of the benefits you will certainly find is that this page will not only have the opportunity to rank for the key term of the product name, but now will likely start ranking for related terms.

These searches are often inqiries from people that are not familiar with the brand usually means that they are brand new customers to this product line and by doing this you now have a page that may attract two types of people. Those that are specifically searching for this product because they are familiar with it and those that are looking for options of a brand they are not familiar with and who have never heard of the product before.

There is a lot of other detail that goes into optimizing an ecommerce website. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss your particular strategy.

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