Google is a search engine that categorizes websites and provide the most relevant sites as results for people typing in furniture search topics (or keywords). Google does not charge you to show up in the organic results but since their is a great deal of value in showing up for many keyword searches, an entire industry was born to address this need. Businesses are increasingly committing more efforts on focusing their time and efforts on trying to land on the first page of the search results for queries that relate to the products that they offer.

Why Furniture SEO Marketing

For many furniture stores the value of organic traffic to their site can equate to a lot of success in driving foot traffic to their store or online sales. Driving qualified prospects to your website that are inquiring about the exact product that you provide has long been the ultimate goal in marketing for decades.

How Do SEO Services Work for Home Goods Products

Search Engine Optimization starts with the same steps that all basic marketing strategies use.

  1. Know who you are and exactly what you offer
  2. Know who your desired target market is

Like any other message your company transmits, you will find that an SEO strategy that does not clearly define these two elements will soon start attracting less than qualified interest.

The content on your website tells Google and Bing! who you are and what you do. Similarly when a visitor arrives at your website, we want to make sure the messaging is clear so they know they have landed in the right place and convince them to take action.

Search Engine Optimization is for Everyone

Google is not just for businesses though. Anyone that has a website is listed in these results and often times you will find bloggers, universities, non-profits and any number of other types of organizations showing up in your results. This is because Google and the other search engines want to provide us with a variety of relevant search results. By doing this, it prevents the marketing department of a company as strong as Ashley Furniture for example, from being the top 33 results. Believe me, if every time you searched for something and you had to click through four pages before you found a result other than the same website over and over again, you would stop using that search engine pretty quickly.

Smaller brands and stores can compete for placement. That is why your local hardware store has just the same chance of showing up above or below a national retailer. If you apply best practices set out by the search engines, you too could show up for “futons” at no cost other than time and effort.

The trouble is most businesses focus on what they sell and do not have the time or the desire to learn about Search Engine Optimization. That is where South Shore SEO comes in. We work with furniture businesses to get them ranked for what matters most. We not only know the online marketing basic techniques that apply to all businesses, but we also customize the strategy to spend the time on efforts that relate to your industry and customers that you are looking to attract.

Whether you are a new business just starting out or have had an online presence that you want to improve, feel free to contact us and we will have a one hour over the phone consultation at no charge.

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