Google Plus Account Management for your Furniture Store

Social Media Facebook PinterestSocial Media can be an overwhelming project. Questions always arise about where to spend time or what is the value of one hundred people liking your page. We approach all of these questions with our own.

“How much time should we invest in Social Media for the greatest Benefit?”

With an online presence, it is not necessarily a question of whether or not you should have a social media presence. Even just setting up social media accounts can help to improve your SEO. What it comes down to is will you get an ROI for the time and money you put into posting pictures of furniture and upcoming sales.

Furniture Location Google My Business Optimization

Optimizing Google PlusA large portion of the search result landing page is dedicated to Google My Business and the map results. This is often set up on day one of a business and neglected afterward. Most business owners do not realize they can actually work on this social media profile and rank higher in the three pack that displays on the page just as you can optimize your website that shows up BELOW this area.

I stress below because so many people are looking for a quick phone number or address these days. Optimizing your website is a solid strategy for capturing peoples attention when they are doing research.

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