An Internet Marketing Strategy For The Construction Industry

Most carpenters and contractors have built their business by driving new leads through traditional marketing methods. Word of mouth referrals, yard signs at project sites and the old reliable phone number on the side of your vehicle. As effective as these are, they have been displaced or have become only the first step in the process for consumers.

In the past, someone might hear about your company and from the business card that was handed to them, just call. Nowadays people usually do research before taking the step of contacting you directly and that is what the following discussion is all about.

Construction Company Web Design

People now expect to be able to research your company. They are looking for confidence in your your business and want to see the work you have done. They have expectations of photo galleries full of before-and-after photos of construction projects with beautiful kitchen counters. They want to match up their idea of what they want their end product to be to the contractor they intend to hire. Consumers use your website to determine if you are the right budget for them. Are the houses you work on similar to theirs? Do your projects look too expensive for them or are they looking for someone who works on higher end homes?

On your website should be pictures of the business owners, even if you are a one person operation. Having photos of your vehicles and crew members in action help a potential client make an evaluation about your construction business. Your hours of operation, links to your social media, an easy to find phone number with click-to-call buttons so they can easily call you on their cell with little to no effort. If you do have an office suitable for clients to visit, place the address prominently and most importantly have a contact form. (Not everyone wants to talk right now and consumers usually research your business after hours)

Local Business Listing For Your Company

Whether you have a beautiful showroom or work off of the kitchen table in your home, you need to have a Google My Business listing and Bing Places for Business. These listings let Bing and Google know that you are a legitimate company that has gone through their verification process. They don’t check your articles of incorporation, just validate that the address is real or the phone number used is authentic. If you do work from home or have a warehouse that you just don’t want people to visit, that is OK. You can hide the address in settings because search engines don’t want people showing up there either.

What you do want is for your company to show up in the local listing on the first page for searches related to your service or your company name. This listing should be filled out to it’s fullest extent including phone number, hours of operations, multiple categories, business description, photos, etc.

One of the more important reasons is so that happy customers can leave reviews. These can be very persuasive to potential customers and factor into the search engines rankings when someone does a search for “kitchen remodeling company in Boston”.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Important To Residential Construction Businesses

Whether you love social media or can’t stand it, know that it is used by a good percentage of your potential clients. The younger the generation, the more they rely upon these mediums and your construction company is going to be judged by some of them based upon this. The good news is that it really does not take a lot of effort to set up and maintain these accounts. Here is a brief rundown:

Facebook For Home Improvement Companies

The largest platform out there. Although you need to have a presence on Facebook, unless you choose to run paid ads, this platform will not actively find you new customers. People will ask friends online for recommendations though and you need to keep it updated from time to time for when someone visits your page directly (Instead of someone happening upon it through a search). Keep it updated with photos of the latest remodeling project, your employees and happy clients.

Instagram For Remodeling Companies

This social media platform (owned by Facebook) is all about the images. If posted correctly, these photos can end up in front of people actively interested in your services. When someone wants to check your remodeling company out, they will want to scroll through lots of picture so don’t be shy in getting every quality photo on here. Since these Instagram viewers are so photo focused, only put the end results in there unless you have an impressive snapshot of in-progress project, but never a before photo.

Twitter Account For Residential Construction

Do not bother maintaining your Twitter account. You should focus time and resources on social media that will be beneficial to your contracting company. Definitely set up the account and do a tweet or two. People are just not looking for home remodelers in Boston through Twitter. Someone may prove me wrong some day.

Pinterest and Home Improvement Companies

Usually this is used for national businesses. When set up correctly even the boards themselves can show up in local search results on Google for topics such as “home improvement ideas” or “kitchen granite counter tops”. There are a lot of tools available and many other advantages of using this platform and spending quality time here can be worthwhile to your marketing efforts.

Optimizing Your Home Remodeling Website For Google

In order for your website to be found in search engine results, you need to focus on organizing the content on your pages and pay attention to the technical elements so that Google has a clear understanding of what you do and why you should rank higher in the results than your competitors. Search engines can make some assumptions but too many websites in the construction industry are vague about what they actually do and who their potential customers are.

Most in the industry believe it is enough to put three lines of text on their website and state that they are a construction company or a carpenter and that is enough. To do proper SEO, the content needs to be descriptive and to the point.

Licensed Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Company in South Boston

This is an example of a keyword rich description. It provides a variation of terms that can often be searched for. “Licensed” is often a term variant consumers will use in search. “Kitchen and Bath Remodeling” is a frequently used keyword phrase. Localizing it using “South Boston”. Most people believe search engines just know where your business is. In some cases this is correct, but why not help them by being more specific? Don’t leave search engines trying to guess. It just a computer algorithm after all.

One of the algorithm updates that constantly occurs is called Panda and it has to do with your content. If in doubt, more is better. If the algorithm sees lots of “thin” content on your website, it will have a tough time rising in the search results because of this. And word to the wise, don’t copy and paste from another website. It will pick up on this as well.

Name Those Images

Since Google cannot technically see your beautiful photos, you need to name them. Photo20190108.jpg doesn’t describe what the image is. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with remodeling. When search engines read the name and the alt text, it is reaffirming the content to the intent of the page. So spend time on this task.

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