Search Marketing Guide Furniture Retail and Online Stores

With all of the options available to the furniture industry, it can be difficult to determine where resources, time and budget should be allocated for digital marketing. The good news for those businesses that have not fully embraced the online world for their furniture business is that it is not too late to be a part of it.

SEO for Ecommerce Furniture Websites

Since furniture can be a large investment for some families it only makes sense that people will do research before, after and often times during their visit to your store, your website or even a competitor’s. Price comparison, ratings, alternative brands and interior design ideas are just some of the things people will search for before making a purchase.

Search engine results can be a competitive arena and it helps to work with an experienced agency that has had extensive experience with Google and what it takes to get a website to rank for terms relating to the your industry and what people are searching for.

Paid Ads for Furniture Stores

AdWords and other pay per click advertising work using the same principles that traditional advertising utilize. The one big difference is in how you are charged for the campaigns. Direct mail, television advertising and even newspaper ads provide a flat cost for the ad that you run. This is an easy way to budget but also difficult to track the actual results.

Paid ads online offer the ability to be very targeted while at the same time manage your budget on a daily basis. While the advantages are desirable, the cost can be very high if not managed regularly or set up by someone who is experienced with managing online campaigns.

Local SEO for Furniture Stores

Since getting people to walk through your doors is the primary objective of marketing for store locations, it seems obvious to state that your website should be optimized for localized searches. Many furniture stores either do not have experienced personnel to make this a focus of your website or even realize that this is a critical part of your website’s seo strategy.

Social Media for the Furniture Industry

Furniture and social media go together very well. Furniture is similar to fashion and your social media should be window shopping for consumers and industry insiders. Interior designers want to know about trends, home owners want to see variety, decorators want ideas and so on.

A large portion of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook is dedicated to driving ecommerce sales. If you are not paying attention to your social media, now is a good time to start.

Web Design for Furniture

Your website is an introduction to your showroom and is often the first impression people will have of your store or online brand. Furniture is a visually strong industry and your website should be a showcase for all that you offer. Well written content should be available for people that want to learn more about products and brands while at the same time everything should be optimized for search engines.

Internet Marketing for Furniture Industry

We are an experienced technical SEO agency that specializes in troubleshooting issues with backlinks, on-site optimization, content and any number of issues relating to search engine optimization.

Whether you have noticed a drop in traffic to your site, your website no longer ranks for important keywords or has disappeared from the search results altogether, we can help.

Search engine optimization in the furniture industry is a highly competitive area. South Shore SEO has been helping businesses be found online for the search terms that relate most to their business. We take time to analyze:

  • The content on your website – We analyze the text on your website to be sure it is representative of the terms you want to be found for in the search engines.
  • How well you are ranking for terms – We do live searches to see how well you rank in Google.
  • For what terms you are showing up – This gives us a clearer picture of where we need to focus.
  • Your online footprint – Online tools give us a map of how to improve your authority online.
  • Your Competition – We also check out your competitors to determine the level of difficulty in trying to rank for those terms.

While researching your competitors, we determine their online strengths and put a plan into action to improve upon your strategy.

SEO Strategy for Furniture Stores

Local SEO has two primary focuses; your website and the local business listing in Google and Bing! These online entities not only need to optimized for brands and products, but they also need to be optimized for their local footprint.

Bing Places and Google My Business Profiles for Furniture Stores

Apart from your websites, search engines focus heavily upon the profiles you that are created on their platforms. Since they link to their mapping applications, this is the first and foremost opportunity for you to localize search results.

Contrary to what most people believe, these local listings have very little to do with your website. In fact, you can find many of companies listed in Google’s 3-Pack that do not even have a website. The point is, that this profile that is created can be optimized through techniques that are separate from your furniture website.

How To Get Your Furniture Store Website To Rank in Local Search Results

Your furniture store website ranks the same way all other websites. The only magic bullet is in knowing how your customers search. As complicated as the algorithms are for Bing and Google, they still rely on some basic elements to make their search results.

Search engines read everything on your website. They then index it and categorize the information. There is a lot more that happens than that, but for the purpose of the examples to follow, this will suffice for now.

Know What Furniture Related Keywords People Are Using

Watch how simple the ideas are to follow.

If you carry some popular brands, be sure to dedicate pages to thos brands and don’t be afraid to put a few instances of your city in the written content: This End Up Furniture in Birmingham AL

Can you easily see someone entering this search? Of course. If you hve a page dedicated to this term with 400 words on it, consider how many related searches could be developed from this.

You aren’t tricking the search engines or customers, you are in fact providing highly relevant information and that is exactly what Google is looking for. Google wants to provide the most reliable results to its users and will go so far as to even guess that if you even just searching for This End Up Furniture, then you are probably looking for a local resource.

Often times the consumer will not even need to add in the city modifier. But Google will often factor that in.

Keywords For Furniture Stores

Furniture Store is such a broad keyword term. Unless you offer every style of furniture, it is better to focus your content on what you provide:



Living Room Sets

Coffee Tables

As for user experience, be sure it is clear on your website. As you know, people will oftne be on a mission and their intent is to find a particular piece, such as a Couch. Because of this, they may choose a store because they seem to have a large selection of this particular item.

Getting Carried Away With Furniture Content On Your Website Is Not A Bad Thing

I am about to break a myth. So many businesses that I talk with worry that they will have too many pages on their website. I personally think this is a misinformation campaign propagated by their competitors.

I’ve always had trouble fully understanding this idea, but there it is. They do not wish to overwhelm visitors to their site or think that it is a waist of time. In my mind, if you have had a furniture store for two years and have barely added an additional page to your site, that to me is a waist of time. Imagine how much more content could have been added and all of the searches that landed on the websites of your competition.

If in theory your website went from twenty pages to five hundred in one year, Google and Bing will sort it out. So long as the written content is unique and not copied from the manufacturer or another website on the web, and of course that it is quality.

As for potential customers, as long as it is organized on the website, people will not feel overwhelmed.

This is what we do for our clients. We know the furniture industry and can create quality content that is well organized and that are optimized for search engines. If you’d like to discuss your particular website, feel free to give us a call.

Content Marketing Strategy for Furniture Brands

Content Marketing is a term used quite often but very few marketing agencies can describe it well. Content, first and foremost, is the text, images and other related media on your website. Secondarily, content is similar text and media that is pushed out in a myriad of different ways online via social media, guest blogs, forums, press releases and a number of other web related strategies.

In working with our clients, our first step is to develop a strategy for creating this body of work.

Content Marketing is a strategy utilizing not just written words on a web page. It can can consist of video, info-graphics and images.

The idea behind this strategy is to produce information from the furniture industry, telling a story about your brand or providing content about a topic tangentially related to your brand. In doing so, you create a new version of information that is uniquely yours.

Speaking in Your Brand Voice to Speak to Your Audience

Much of the information on the internet, unless it is so new that it hasn’t been written about before, is quite often very similar. What differentiates it is the person or organization providing it. We can definitely find similar content on multiple sites, but some “speak” to us.

We generally find resources online that provide topics of interest that we tend to rely on.

  • We like their take on a matters
  • They describe things in a way that makes it easy for us to understand
  • Their information is always reliable
  • They have a top blogger who is funny
  • The articles they write are no nonsense

For any number of reasons we have preferences for specific communication styles.

Is Blogging About the Furniture industry Helpful for SEO

Again we are confronted with a term that is overused and has many interpretations. Some businesses utilize their own website to Blog while others work to get their content published by other online publications. Some people even use the comments sections on forums as a space to “blog” and get their message out.

For an SEO strategy, the first recommendation is to get blog articles onto your own furniture website to increase the amount of content on your website. Since the end results we are looking for is to increase traffic to your website, this gives Google a reason to send people there.

As a secondary recommendation, getting blogs published on other websites is effective as well. It provides you with exposure to an audience you may not have communicated with before and can also be helpful for SEO since there is the possibility of receiving backlinks.

Blogging on forums and other similar spaces can be helpful if you are posting on a platform where your target audience frequents. This can be an effective way to have your message broadcast in front of prospective buyers.

Blogging on Your Website

Let’s dispell a myth here. Google doesn’t really see a difference between a blog article or a regular page on your website. Blogs on your site are just a different page just formatted slightly different.

One of these useful differences is that your content management system will organize the blogs for you so that they will automatically show up in designated lists such as most recently published or separate them into categories easily.

Little details like the published date or the author attribution attribution may show in the search results. Again, these are traits based upon the development of the website, but Google doesn’t really care one way or another.

Pages on your website are intended to describe and define perennial information such as who you are, what services you offer, defining your industry, etc.

Blogs are intended to provide a virtual stream of consciousness relating to hot topics of the moment, news, tertiarily related topics, opinion pieces, etc.

Since you don’t want to add every new piece of content on your website to your main menu, this gives you the ability to continually add and organize new information without disrupting the organization of your sitemap pages.

How Search Engine Marketing Works for the Home Furnishing Industry

Google is a search engine that categorizes websites and provide the most relevant sites as results for people typing in furniture search topics (or keywords). Google does not charge you to show up in the organic results but since their is a great deal of value in showing up for many keyword searches, an entire industry was born to address this need. Businesses are increasingly committing more efforts on focusing their time and efforts on trying to land on the first page of the search results for queries that relate to the products that they offer.

Why Furniture SEO Marketing

For many furniture stores the value of organic traffic to their site can equate to a lot of success in driving foot traffic to their store or online sales. Driving qualified prospects to your website that are inquiring about the exact product that you provide has long been the ultimate goal in marketing for decades.

How Do SEO Services Work for Home Goods Products

Search Engine Optimization starts with the same steps that all basic marketing strategies use.

  1. Know who you are and exactly what you offer
  2. Know who your desired target market is

Like any other message your company transmits, you will find that an SEO strategy that does not clearly define these two elements will soon start attracting less than qualified interest.

The content on your website tells Google and Bing! who you are and what you do. Similarly when a visitor arrives at your website, we want to make sure the messaging is clear so they know they have landed in the right place and convince them to take action.

Search Engine Optimization is for Everyone

Google is not just for businesses though. Anyone that has a website is listed in these results and often times you will find bloggers, universities, non-profits and any number of other types of organizations showing up in your results. This is because Google and the other search engines want to provide us with a variety of relevant search results. By doing this, it prevents the marketing department of a company as strong as Ashley Furniture for example, from being the top 33 results. Believe me, if every time you searched for something and you had to click through four pages before you found a result other than the same website over and over again, you would stop using that search engine pretty quickly.

Smaller brands and stores can compete for placement. That is why your local hardware store has just the same chance of showing up above or below a national retailer. If you apply best practices set out by the search engines, you too could show up for “futons” at no cost other than time and effort.

The trouble is most businesses focus on what they sell and do not have the time or the desire to learn about Search Engine Optimization. That is where South Shore SEO comes in. We work with furniture businesses to get them ranked for what matters most. We not only know the online marketing basic techniques that apply to all businesses, but we also customize the strategy to spend the time on efforts that relate to your industry and customers that you are looking to attract.

Whether you are a new business just starting out or have had an online presence that you want to improve, feel free to contact us and we will have a one hour over the phone consultation at no charge.

Optimizing your Furniture Ecommerce Website

With the success of Amazon and the ease of which small businesses are able to promote their products online, many businesses are turning to the idea of building their own ecommerce stores as a way to sell their furniture.

When a consumer is ready to make a purchase, they are now ued to the idea of being able to buy it in person or online.

With so many websites competing online today it is no wonder that s many business owners are intimidated at the idea of being able to successfully rank for any meaningful terms or keywords relating to their furniture products and because of this, small furniture stores provide the option for customers to buy online but do little to try and get their online stores to rank with search engines.

The investment of creating an online store is wasted if it is not increasing the sales of your company. If your existing clients are choosing to buy on your website instead of your store, then you can’t label this a successful strategy.

Providing convenience for customers is a worthy goal, but if you are attributing this to increasing revenue for your business, then this is a false assumption. This is not marketing.

Successful Furniture Ecommerce Search Engine Strategy

For too many years, furniture store owners have provided reasons why they do not feel they can compete online:

  • My competitors are too big
  • I have so many inventory items
  • My products are too niche

The truth is the opportunities are enormous for a small business to compete online. with the right strategy, you would be amazed at some of the smallest companies, even one person operations, that are succeeding online. Google is one of the biggest equal opportunies out there. There is a market for your home goods products and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Start With The Basics of SEO

Search engines do not view ecommerce pages any differently than other web pages. They are looking for relevant content. Provide this to them and organize it according to best practices and you are halfway there.

Let’s start with one piece of furniture. Look over the page and consider it from the point of a search engine algorithm. Is there enough written content that adequately describes the product? Is that content unique? In other words, was it copied and pasted from a competitor website or the brand manufacturer? Search engines prefer unique content.

Look at the URL. Is it a bunch of gibberish or does it help to reinforce the product search term? Is your site developed in a way that allows you to rewrite the Title Tag so it is different than the header of the page. The Title Tag is often times what Google will pull into its search results and is a key piece of information.

On that note, is your labeling of the page a simple SKU or perhaps a short name of a product (similar to what everyone else uses on their pages)?

Now consider it from the viewpoint of a consumer. You can’t make assumptions that everyone in the world knows what this product is or what it does. In giving them the short sales pitch, you are also catering to the search engines.

Don’t just give them the technical specs, offer them reasons why this product is great. Provide photos, embed videos, add testimonials, link to related brand pages within your site or other related furniture pages or add-ons, attach a PDF from the manufacturer, etc.

At the same time you are adding all of this, it gives you the opportunity to do technical seo on these elements. Label images with descriptive names (Untitled.jpg is not a descriptive name). Be sure to add Alt Text to these images as well. Go to other pages on the site and put links into relevant text that link back to this page.

If your product is an ottoman , find another page on the site that utilizes the word ottoman and link back to this page. This is one of the details on how to optimize a website.

In doing all of this, you will find that Google will see this one product page differently than so many others on your competitors websites. Now this doesn’t guarantee placement on page one of Google, but this is how it starts. One of the benefits you will certainly find is that this page will not only have the opportunity to rank for the key term of the product name, but now will likely start ranking for related terms.

These searches are often inqiries from people that are not familiar with the brand usually means that they are brand new customers to this product line and by doing this you now have a page that may attract two types of people. Those that are specifically searching for this product because they are familiar with it and those that are looking for options of a brand they are not familiar with and who have never heard of the product before.

There is a lot of other detail that goes into optimizing an ecommerce website. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss your particular strategy.

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