Whether you have a furniture store, own a brand or are a manufacturer, you should claim a Google My Business (GMB) Listing. Quite frankly there is no reason not to. First off, it is one of the more effective ways to start establishing your business name online for searches.

If you have a retail location it is counterproductive not to claim it. Because whether you claim it or not, it will probably appear sooner or later and probably with incorrect information. So it is worth the time to set it up.

It conveys a lot of information to potential and existing customers. Since it is eintegrated with Maps, it will help people who are searching for Furniture Stores. So even if they don’t find your website, they can still find your business.

Benefits of GMB Listing for Retail Furniture Stores

Similar to a Facebook page or many other social media profiles, your Google My Business listing is at its core a social media profile. And so it also acts like one, with the added benefit of being integrated into Google’s search algorithm.

Search engines do their best to determine the intent of web pages and provide the best search results to the inquiry being made. This means that that they do not differentiate between you and Wikipedia. They have trouble deciphering that your furniture store page is an actual business.

With the Google Plus online profile, the information is hardwired (so to speak) in that they provide pre-populated categories and know that your furniture store is an actual business and this makes it easier for them to serve up your listing as a result because it makes it easier to connect your profile to consumer intent.

That being said, when you are setting up your profile, spend the time to fill out as much information as possible. List the hours, select multiple categories, give lengthy descriptions when possible describing the types of furniture you offer and even mention the shopping plaza where (if applicable).

Also, pay attention to your profile. Respond to reviews from customers, post new products and update photos. You’d be surprised at how Google will serve up results to your benefit. Since Google is always testing new features, there is always something new being added as a tool or a new way to display your offerings in results.

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