Penguin & Panda Recovery Case Study

This is an informal case study about a Penguin and Panda recovery. All information has been censored. We have been able to help recover many websites, but chose to post this case due to the multiple algorithm penalties.

Panda Update SEO

BCCO was approached by a construction company, that had worked with one of the “best” SEO companies in the area. Apparently, the SEO company was the “best” at helping their clients obtain penalties from Google. When we took on the account, their online success and visibility was diminishing fast. With each lost visit, they could be losing tens of thousands of dollars. They are a very established company, and offer many fine services. A well rounded marketing plan was the factor that kept them in business.

Right after taking on this client, Panda #24 was released on January 22, 2013. They were hit pretty hard. Before executing the audit, we navigated the website and poked around. With one quick look, we knew they had been affected by the Panda algorithm. There were duplicate pages targeting different cities. We proceeded with the site audit and found poor optimization. We noticed a few unnatural links and traced them back to a link network.

Panda Recovery Attempt

Our client’s website had more Panda related issues, than Penguin. Each web page had duplicate content. We deleted the paragraphs in question and rewrote copy. They also had tried to target a lot of cities for the same services. Each of these pages had duplicate content but the city names were switched out. We deleted all of the pages targeting other cities and optimized it for the city most queries were targeting. The keyword research showed no one was searching for their services in the smaller areas.

Months went by and on May 22, 2013, Penguin 2.0 was released. They were affected by this Penguin release. At this point, they were not receiving organic traffic. Up until now, we had not disavowed any links. We promised our client that we would be gentle. They were hesitant. We did not want to make too many changes at once. After this hit, all bets were off.

Penguin Recovery Attempt

We started by disavowing all of the low quality directory backlinks. Afterward, we disavowed the unnatural links coming from link networks. And finally, we cut out 75% of the interlinking they had implemented on each page. It was very redundant. Keep in mind, We could not contact the websites. The link building was executed by the former SEO company. So, we had to just disavow them.

Penguin & Panda Recovery

On June 5th 2013, they had a full Penguin & Panda Recovery. Now, they are ranking on the top of page one for 50% of their main keywords. They are ranking on page two and three for the rest. They are in a better position after the recovery. This is due to the recovery steps we took and the improved optimization.