Our Process for Ranking Our Youngsville Clients in Search Engines

SEO is a process for improving your rankings with search engines for terms relating to your company, often times in specific locations where you conduct business. That means it is possible to influence Google, Bing, Yahoo and others to better understand what you provide and thereby giving them better search results, providing relevant websites for end users and giving your website better exposure and more highly qualified traffic that should result in an increase in customers.

This is done with two different strategies: Onsite Optimization and Offsite Optimization

Onsite Search Engine Optimization

Since content on your website is so important, we invest time into research and the creation of unique, well written service/product pages. In addition to that we pay a great deal of attention to small, but important details on your site.
Google checks your website for other smaller pieces of information too. For years search engines have been recommending best practices to SEO professionals regarding how they index the information from websites and what we in our industry can do to help improve this process and thereby improve the search engine results.

  • Title Tags
  • H1
  • Internal Linking
  • Alt Tags
  • …and many more

These details have a significant impact on the strategies we implement for our clients.

Content Creation

Your website is the most effective source of information for search engines to know about your business. Google and the other search engines don’t know if your website is good looking and modern or ugly with an outdated design. The only thing they can do is read the content and index it. Since this is what they want, we give them plenty to read.

The thing to keep in mind is that search engines care little that you are a business, a non profit or an individual talking about their hobby. That is unless they believe that is the intent of the end user conducting the search. Google is trying to do one thing, match the most relevant pages to the search query.

When creating pages for your site, we keep this foremost in our minds and develop search engine friendly information based upon keyword research that is also easy to read and engaging for the reader. This way the search engines will prefer your website and the consumer will take action in the form of calling, submitting a contact form, placing an order online or whatever is most important to your business goals.

Offsite Search Engine Optimization

The second half of our overall strategy has more to do with everything that occurs on the web that is not a part of your website. Once Google knows about your website, reads the content and indexes it, it now needs a reason to put it higher in the rankings. To do this, it relies on metrics that indicate this is relevant information.

  • Are other websites linking to these pages?
  • If it is a physical location, is it being listed elsewhere on the internet?
  • Are there social media outlets referring to this business?

It is a mathematical formula that attempts to reconcile and match over one billion indexed websites to trillions of searches that are performed each year. A monumental task by any way you look at it. Search engines do not know if the information you are providing is good or relevant. It can only match the content on your site to searches performed. It relies a great deal on the offsite optimization to know if the information is useful.

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