For the last few months, I have been following an online contest put on by Wix. It is the SEO Hero contest and it is an attempt by Wix to prove that their online platform is every bit as Search Engine friendly as any other platform out there.

Years ago I was not as impressed with Wix for SEO. With their hashbangs and limited access to optimize certain tags and other details, i was always frustrated when trying to work with customers that had chosen this platform. From what I have seen, they have made some improvements, but I have not dug enough or tested to make it a recommendation.

To me, the fun part has been watching the Wix team battle against much smaller companies and even individual marketers. Be An SEO Hero has been a lot of fun to watch. This guy decided to hold them to account as well as all of the other competitors. He is competing and making his blog a news update of the entire contest. This was a brilliant move as there was so much content he could put out, pretty much every day.

What I am really glad to see is that the digital marketing community has not had a real competition in years. I do hope this prompts other and who knows, maybe you’ll see us competing in the next one. Hopefully we’ll see more in the future focused on getting website to rank in search engines.