Marketing consists of many strategies and tactics with SEO being one of them. As you can tell I am a bit biased and believe every business should invest time and capitol investing in search engine optimization.

The question should not be if but rather to what degree. Their are companies out there that can be very successful just optimizing their websites for search engines. There are others that have not touched their website for ten years and are doing justfine. Some companies find success in a combination of PPC, Social Media, SEO and Youtube videos.

Knowing which will work for your business means having a clear understanding of how SEO will attract customers and how much efforts should be put into this for your company.

SEO Only Works for Searches

The only two ways SEO works to bring you new customers is they either search for your business name or branded product/service. This means they already know about your company. The other way is that they search for terms relating to your product/service.

If a business is looking for “commercial hvac contractor Atlanta”, they are seeking a company for this type of work. “best grill for cooking steaks” may be another search that could definitely relate to your product.

In these cases a lot of new businesses that have come up with a solution no one has thought of will furiously try to get their website to rank for a term that few people are searching for. It is a conundrum.

SEO for a company like this should definitely be a consideration, but in fact a strat up like this should focus it’s efforts more so on brand awareness. Forum discussion (which also help SEO), Social Media campaigns, AdWords display advertising, getting reviewed by influencers in the industry, etc.

Once a solution starts to be well known and especially when competitors start popping up in the marketplace is when SEO will have more results.

Startups and SEO

Many startups have believe they are just better than what is currently on the market. If a solution is well known, and the market seems flooded, then this is the opportunity for SEO to have impact. The truth of the matter is that it will probably take time.

If you are in need of immediate customers and you are new, you should definitely invest in optimizing your website. You may want to add in PPC to help you show up at the top of the results for a time as well.

Expensive, yes. Worth it, yes. Every company has different goals, resources and ways to go to market. The real question is – What is Right for Your Business?