Search Engine Optimization Services in Quincy, MA

We go through a rigorous process in order to maximize your SEO strategy. By following best practices set out by the search engine companies, we can improve any campaign for your business in Quincy, MA.

Setting up your Internet Marketing Goals

To properly measure the effects of your campaigns, we need to have some metrics against which the outcome can be analyzed. Different businesses and even different websites may have unique goals. Examples of goals may be:
– branding – create awareness about your website, certain product or services you have to offer,
– gain bigger market share – beat your competition and drive more customers to your business
– attract 10 000 new visitors
– gain 10 quality links from authoritative websites related to your business
– get 100 new list subscribers to your monthly newsletter
– rank on page one of Google for certain keywords

The possibilities are almost endless, it all depends on your website needs and expectations. Setting-up your goals and agreeing on objectives is one of the first steps any company should start out with. South Shore SEO will work with you and your team to set these goals and help you achieve your company initiatives.

Making a plan for the whole SEO campaign

Together we we will formulate a step by step approach outlining all the steps and processes for the whole campaign determining which processes are the most important and which ones can be done with little time and effort (if there are any like that). That will help us plan the time needed for each process and also help to possibly set a timeline for the project.

Make adjustments to the Strategy

After beginning the campaign realistic assessments can be made as to the effectiveness of the strategy as a whole. Metrics can be compared to help make decisions regarding whether further resources or time need to be devoted to problem issues or whether certain aspects of the campaign are achieving set goals and focus can be adjusted to other objectives.

Analyze the campaign results

At least once a month our team will meet with or have a conference call to discuss the analytics of the campaign and discuss goal achievements. We work together with your company as a partner to achieve the best possible results.

If you want an experienced partner working with your business in Quincy, give us a call. We’d be happy to provide you with a one hour website evaluation at no cost.