Website Design Services in Quincy, MA

Web Design can be an expensive process, but it doesn’t need to be. Our company provides WordPress websites to businesses in Quincy, MA. The question always becomes – what kind of website does your business need?

Wordpress Website Design Quincy MA

We are a huge fan of WordPress because of so many reasons

  • Ease of use – It was built as a blogging platform and was made so every day (non coding) people could easily navigate and publish a website
  • Everyone is writing code for it – this means you will always be able to find someone to work on it, at least for the foreseeable future
  • It is so versatile – since everyone is writing code for it, there are more variations in what you can do with it.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of situations where a company may need more than WordPress. And for those situations we’d be happy to help. But for the most part, quite possibly 90% of all of the websites out there could and should be run on WordPress.

The Difference Between a Custom Website Theme and a Template

The theme of a WordPress Website is the layout and design of the site. All of the formatting and code that goes into creating the website is there to organize your text, images and any plugins that may be added. In theory, all themes are custom made.

In the case of what everyone in the industry refers to as a template, the design and layout has already been developed. It was custom made is is now put out on the market for others to purchase and utilize.

What we refer to in our industry as custom developed means that you the customer can determine exactly how you want the site laid out, have the design look exactly the way you intended and develop it with the functionality you require online.

Should I Choose a Template or a Custom Developed Website

Let’s talk about the factors involved

Time: If you are in immediate need of a website, a template website can literally be put up in one day. Now, you may end up being charged a premium to have someone jump through hoops like that, but in theory it can be done. A Custom developed website can take well over a month because of the process.

Cost: Depending on the needs of the client, the price of a website can vary substantially. Anywhere from a few thousand dollars to Tens of thousands of dollars.

Functionality: Template websites are often capable of a great deal of functionality. However, since a template is not usually designed or developed with a great deal of versatility in mind, most web designers will resort to adding plugins to add specialty features. There is nothing wrong with this practice, but this will sometimes result in the template not looking right because the plugin is not “fitting the pre-existing design” or the plugin just plain old will not work because of conflicts with the coding.

This can sometimes leave both the customer and the web designer frustrated. I have seen some websites brought to us where the designer from another company charged an endless number of hours to try and fit a square peg into a round hole. The best course of action is to do thorough research to determine which is a better fit for your company needs.

Branding: When a business is depending on their website to be the lead in their marketing efforts, they want to consider if the website needs to be completely unique and will fit in with their company logo, colors, overall feel, etc. This point cannot be understated. If you are just not happy with the look of the templates that you have seen, you will probably never feel like the site is representative of your brand. (this is my opinion from years of experience in working with clients)

Making the Case for Both

Most businesses in Quincy that are looking for an affordable solution to having a website are often in need of a straight forward Marketing Website for SEO and other online efforts. This means a site to show off their work, products and/or place of business. Usually the website can be quite simple with features like a contact form, simple pages for photos and text, a professional look. a place for their phone number, logo, address, etc.

Usually the smaller the business, the more likely a template will fit your budget.

As businesses grow, so do the needs of the website. Again, template sites are made for mass production and don’t always take concerns of larger organizations into account. Speed can sometimes be an issue. Inability to render some advanced programming can be another. For example, let’s say you wanted to offer your visitors a highly customized quoting feature. This may be more than a template site can hanle.

In a nutshell, larger businesses shouldn’t shy away from a custom developed website based on cost alone and smaller companies don’t always have to spend big dollars on a website just because their larger competitor did.

I have seen custom developed websites save companies a great deal and some of the worst template sites show up on page one of Google for some competitive terms. The best way to make the choice is to talk to a professional.